Like meat? Then you’ll love this app. We teamed up with famed New York City butcher Pat LaFrieda to create the definitive guide to meat, designed exclusively for the iPad. It’s everything you want to know about meat and butchering. Inside the app you can:

• BROWSE the over 200 cuts of beef, lamb, pork, veal, chicken, turkey and duck with detailed descriptions and diagrams.

• WATCH over 50 minutes of premium video content where Pat demonstrates butcher techniques you can use at home, like how to french a rack of lamb or how to grind your own meat.

• VIEW gorgeous photography of every cut of meat, so you’ll know exactly what your meat should look like when you go to the butcher counter

• SPIN the 360-degree interactive rotating meat cuts. They’re really cool!

• LEARN where your meat comes from with the interactive guide showing the cut location on the animal.

• SEARCH for the best meat cuts to use in your favorite recipe.

• PLAY the Great Meat 101 Quiz where users can test their butcher knowledge and compete against others via Apple’s Game Center. Fun for adults and kids!

• SAVE cuts of meat and videos to your personal favorites list, to help you easily remember what you want to get next time you go to the store.

• SHOP online and one click to purchase the highest quality meats directly from LaFrieda Meats. Always shipped to your home fresh & NEVER frozen.

• SHARE your new butcher skills or meat knowledge on Facebook and Twitter.

• UPLOAD photos of your own meaty masterpieces for the whole community to see.

Available on the App Store